A Different View On The Oppo A54 Camera

With an industry leader in innovation, Oppo A54 is always up with the latest mobile technology. With a full complement of amazing features, OPPO A54 will ensure your cell phone is always ready to go. Intelligent System: Nothing is more frustrating than a dead battery; OPPO A 54 smart phone will not let this happen with it’s high powered intelligent system. Always giving you more than 19.9 hours and up to 41.3 hours of movie playback and live radio streaming. The best thing is you don’t even need a charger, the built in charger connects directly to your phone to get you on the go.

Multi-Touch Screen Technology: With it’s dual touch screen, the OPPO A 54 has a larger point of view then the older model and is equipped with front, rear and weather conditions sensors. It offers users enhanced accuracy when navigating through outdoor environments. Users can navigate with a larger, 16MP camera with two sensitivity settings for better pictures. There is also a built in address book. The built in browser also allows you to search Google and Bing.

Beauty Of A5 LCD display: The OPPO A 54 has an incredible resolution of 8megapixels giving you that crisp picture quality you have been waiting to see. With a clarity that rivals that of a compact digital camera, the OPPO A 1954 gives you a viewing experience that is like  oppo a54 having a magnified outdoor mirror. With a clear viewing, users can see every last detail of any scene in clear daylight. There is no optical zoom necessary thanks to an ultra wide-angle lens that allows for greater detail. With this kind of lens, the OPPO A 54 allows users to get that professional looking pictures they have always wanted.

Professional Look And Feel: The OPPO A 54 comes in two different colors, silver and black. You will get the feel of carrying a piece of the finest professional cameras around with you. The silver body matches any color of shirt or blouse beautifully. The black lens compliments just about any outfit and completes your outdoor living experience in style. With an easy to use controls interface, the OPPO A 54 makes any man, woman or kid proud to carry this amazing digital camera.

Features: The OPPO A 54 has a lot of features that will amaze you. It features the new Ultra Wide Angle lens that allows users to take great pictures regardless of lighting conditions. You can adjust the focal length and have an impact on what the shot is going to be like. The new Samsung chrome housing keeps your camera protected. You can snap stunning photos of your friends and family without worrying about damage to the camera.

Main camera: The OPPO A 54 has an eight inch sensor that allows for great picture quality. This is a wonderful camera for anyone who wants a camera that is flexible for all situations. The camera also works great for those who love taking videos because it has a built in sound system. This camera does come with a one year warranty, so if anything should happen to go bad, you are covered.